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Dear Parents/Caregivers:
W.H. Walters Free Public Library invites you to participate in 1,000 Book before Kindergarten! This free program is built to encourage children to become life-long readers by listening, reading and repeating 1,000 books before they enter kindergarten.
Program Overview
The concept of this program is very simple, yet the rewards are invaluable. Reading a book to your newborn, infant and/or toddler will foster a love for reading and pique their interests. Our biggest hope is that participating in this program; your child will build a great relationship between themselves and reading. Our goal is to help them read 1,000 books before entering their first day of kindergarten. It may sound very hard, but in fact it is quite easy to reach 1,000. If you were to read 1 book per night, which is 365 books in a year, in two years that's already 730 books and 1,095 in three. While most children begin kindergarten at age 5, you will have plenty of time to complete this challenge.
The most important key to remember is perseverance. Make the reading fun and exciting! When your child reaches milestones, they will receive a certificate and small reward to keep them motivated to finish!
How to Participate
Just read. Multiple studies have supported the fact that reading with your child provides a great opportunity for bonding. Spending this time together will create life-long memories and build the relationship between you and your child.
Remember to keep track of all the books you have read, they have read, or even books they heard during story time. You will receive reading logs that will help you keep all of the books organized. Once you have reached a milestone, bring in the reading log and receive your certificate.
Lastly, have fun! This program was created to strengthen, build, and create long-lasting relationships between parents, siblings, teachers, and children. There is no race to finish this program. Just enjoy every book!
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can participate in this program? Any child from birth until he/she enters kindergarten can participate!
How long will this program take? The program will take anywhere from a few months to a few years. This program is self-paced and will just depend on how often you read together.
How many children can participate? All of your children (provided they are not yet in kindergarten). Reading as a family can make it even more fun!











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