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American Psychological Association - Parenting Resources

Resources on parenting practices.

Attachment Parenting International

An organization that supports attachment parenting, and gives information and tools regarding concepts and insights on attachment parenting.


Expert advice on pregnancy and parenting topics.

Boys Town

A national organization that provides for in-home family counseling, health care and programs to rebuild at-risk schools.


Information and resources about breastfeeding from the Office on Women's Health.

Child Development

Resources provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Child Welfare Information Gateway

A service of the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that provides access to print and electronic publications, websites, databases, and online learning tools for improving child welfare practice, including resources that can be shared with families.

FARE: Food Allergy Research and Education

An organization dedicated to food allergy research, that provides resources regarding food allergies.

Healthy Children

Health resources provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics and member physicians.

Human Rights Commission - Explore: Parenting

Current resources that address the many potential paths to parenthood as well as tools for issues facing LGBTQ-headed families or LGBTQ youth.

Kids Health

The Parenting section of the #1 most-visited website for children's health and development.

National Center for Fathering

Nonprofit organization that provides training, tools and resources to inspire and equip fathers and father figures to be actively engaged in their children's lives. Their website provides articles and videos on a number of topics related to fatherhood. Also, available sign up for weekly emails that offer fathering tips, ideas and inspiration.

National Stepfamily Resource Center

The NSRC, a division of Auburn University's Center for Children, Youth, and Families (CCYF), serves as a clearinghouse of information, linking family science research on stepfamilies and best practices in work with couples and children in stepfamilies.

New Jersey Parent Caucus

Trainings for parents and caregivers of youth with special emotional and behavioral needs.

NJ Parent Link

This website highlights NJ State services and resources for parents. Some Federal and Community resources are included.


Resources for parents; includes videos, articles and quick tips.

Parenting Counts

Provides a developmental timeline and videos to support families and caregivers in raising socially and emotionally healthy children.

Planned Parenthood - For Parents

Resources for talking to children of all ages about bodies, identity, pregnancy and reproduction, relationships, personal safety, and sex and sexuality.

SPAN - Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (NJ)

Information and resources for families with the greatest need due to disability or special health/mental health needs; poverty; discrimination based on race, sex, language, immigrant or homeless status; involvement in the foster care, child welfare, or juvenile justice systems; geographic location; or other special circumstances.

Information for parents on preventing bullying.

Government website that provides resources and information on a number of youth related topics such as bullying prevention, driver safety and mental health.











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